1 KKT is equal to 1 staked Pteria


1. Kattleya ICO

The ICO is governed by a smartcontract that generates an increasing price with initial rate 1000 KKT for 1 ETH and final rate 500 KKT for 1 ETH.

2. Pteria Swap

At the end of the ICO you can swap your KKTs into staked Pteria 1 to 1, thus obtaining a discount up to 50% on staked Pteria.

3. Kattleya Lottery

Once all the KKTs are swapped into staked Pteria, a single KKT will be kept on the market which becomes the only ticket of the $1 million Kattleya lottery.

Crowdsale info

The KKT token is a specific utility ERC-20 token to be used within the Kattleya platform and allows access to swap and decentralized lottery services. The ICO starts on February 1st, 2021 at 00.00 GMT and ends on May 23rd, 2021 at 00.00 GMT - or once reached the Hard Cap.


Soft Cap

Minimum amount to reach, if is not met the money is returned to investors.


Hard Cap

Max amount available, if reached before May 23rd the ICO will be closed earlier.

The Kattleya ICO

The KKT token has a path through three main steps, the first is that of the Initial Coin Offering, thanks to which it is possible to buy the KKT at a variable price managed by a smartcontract. The quantity of KKTs purchased will be higher in the initial phase of the ICO and lower towards the end of availability, with a range from 50% discount up to 2% discount. The max Supply of the KKT is variable by the sales and the KKT itself will be minted during the ICO directly by its smart contract.

ICO Progress

Max availability: 500 ETH

KKT packages

The main sale of the KKT token is via the official Kattleya circuit and is reserved for its members. Kattleya offers customer support and full updating of all steps progress. Four KKT packages are available:

Quantity of KKT purchased

The amount of KKT purchased is variable and is managed by a blockchain smartcontract. The value that determines the quantity is the purchase’ moment: the earlier you buy, the greater the number of Kattleya tokens that are released, starting from 1,000 KKT for an ETH up to 500 KKT for an ETH.

Payment method

Through it is possible to pay in Ethereum, BitCoin and bank transfer. The Kattleya Team provides support to customers interested in purchasing.


The purchased KKTs are minted by the smartcontract at the exact moment of purchase and are delivered upon reaching the soft cap.

A small package to enter the KKT world.

Begin to know the professionalism of the Kattleya Team and the possibilities of investing and earning with a solid reality.
BUY €50


Any user who purchases KKT through must have a profile registered and approved by Kattleya. Read the General Terms & Conditions on the Kattleya website to find out which countries are allowed to purchase KKT.

Guarantees and refunds

The entire ICO is managed by a smartcontract generated on the ethereum blockchain by the partner TokenMint ™, which guarantees the efficiency of the token generation and assignment procedure. Until the end of the ICO, all the ETH collected are retained by the smartcontract and, in case of not reaching the Soft Cap, they are automatically sent back to the Ethereum addresses from which they started with a total refund for all buyers.

ETH Address

It is essential that the address provided is NOT from a centralized exchange (such as Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, etc) but that it is an ETH address on a DECENTRALIZED wallet (such as MEW, Metamask, etc). If a wrong ETH address is provided, the delivered KKTs will be irreversibly lost and no refund is possible,

The medium package for a cautious investment

A balanced and thoughtful investment to marginalize a profit in the long term.
BUY €200

Max Supply

The maximum Supply of the KKT token is determined at the end of the ICO by the smartcontract based on the percentage of completeness of the ICO itself. During the Pteria Swap phase, all KKT tokens will be burned except for 1, which will be the protagonist of Kattleya phase three.

Circulating Supply

At the end of phase one (ICO) and phase two (Pteria Swap), the circulating supply of KKT will be of a single token, which represents the unique ticket of the Kattleya lottery.

Team and Advisors

The Team and all the advisors that support the project with the sole purpose of promoting the Kattleya brand and expressly renounce any amount of KKT tokens. The only tokens will therefore be those sold during the ICO.

An interesting package of KKT for an average income.

Enter into an investment with an average amount with a significant potential profit.
BUY €500

Fund raising account

The address where the smartcontract keeps all the Ethereum collected during the ICO is public and visible to everyone at any time, just check this address on Etherscan.

KKT technical specifications

The KKT token is an ERC20 on the Ethereum blockchain with 18 decimal. Being mintable only for the period of the ICO, the quantity is defined at the end of the ICO itself based on its performance. You can see its contract at any time.

Customer Support

By purchasing any of the packages through the Kattleya portal you automatically access customer support which includes: live assistance, dedicated channel via email and chat support. If you have no blockchain experience, Kattleya support guides you through your purchase ensuring you won’t make any mistakes.

A unique earning opportunity even in the short term.

A large package for an investor who has already experienced the economic benefits of Kattleya investment proposals.
BUY €1,000

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    Step 1: Kattleya ICO

    A unique and unrepeatable opportunity to participate in an ICO with a clear and well-defined purpose

    Step 2: Pteria Swap

    Convert your KKTs into staked Pteria, a token already listed on Uniswap, Balancer, AEX, Bilaxy and Hoo.

    Step 3: K-Lottery

    Take part in a lottery with only one ticket: the always winning one. Contest it for a total prize of $1 million in staked Pteria.